Accounting Job Interview Questions for Accounting Employment

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What are some accounting job interview questions?

Accounting Job Interview Questions for Accounting Employment

There are many industry-specific accounting job interview questions for all levels of accounting employment from clerk to an upper-level accounting position. Here is a sample:

  • What is your experience with managing general ledgers and payroll?
  • How have you handled any discrepancies that have been found in any financial reports?
  • How do you ensure that errors are not made in processing payroll or tax reports?
  • How do you maintain up-to-date knowledge on changing financial processes, laws, and regulations in terms of federal and state tax reporting?
  • How have you been able to manage others to ensure that strict deadlines are met in creating quarterly and end-of-year statements?
  • How is teamwork an integral part of working within an accounting department?
Practice answering these types of accounting job interview questions to ensure that you are prepared and are able to illustrate just how passionate you are in terms of applying your skills to fulfilling an employer's objectives.



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