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Finance Job Listings

Senior level jobs in finance may require candidates do have a ChFC designation. The Chartered Financial Consultant Analyst is known as a globally recognized designation within the investment community. It measures competency and integrity of investment professionals. The designation is earned after passing an international exam that contains three levels. Each applicant can take only one level at a time. This professional level exam consists of study preparation time averaging 250 hours. The self-study preparation includes 18 comprehensive reading sections. Subjects covered in the CFA exam include ethics and professional standards, behavioral finance, private wealth management, derivatives risk management strategy, risk management, equity portfolio management, asset allocation, alternative investments, and performance evaluation and monitoring, management of passive and active portfolio management, quantitative methods - among other topics.


Financial Accounting

Financial accounting positions can be filled by conducting a finance job search. This can be done by networking with industry peers; running classified ads in newspapers, trade journals, and industry publications; or online in various career seeking sites; online includes posting positions in forums, operating a blog regarding the job position; operating a resume service; listing position with a financial services staffing firm; and/or operating a website with online application availability. It is preferred to work with an agency like AccountPros that specializes in accounting jobs to better understand the industry. Staffing agencies can help your prepare for job interviews and introduce you to the top companies.


Become a Certified Financial Planner

A certified financial planner obtains certification by passing the CFP Exam. This exam is given by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. It is a two-day, 10 hour professional exam. A CFP sets themselves apart from other financial planners due to their advanced knowledge and certification. Not everyone receives nor earns this designation.

How do I become a Certified Financial Planner?

Become a Certified Financial Planner

Becoming a certified financial planner involves passing the CFP exam and meeting other required guidelines. There is a process to follow to sit for the CFP Exam. It consists of meeting the requirement of having a minimum of three years work experience in the financial planning process prior to obtaining the designation.

There are educational qualifications that must be met to sit for the CFP Exam. Applicants must complete a CFP educational program such as undergraduate, graduate, and/or certificate programs. Studies could be completed via online or classroom instructions. Application for the CFP Exam must be done 7 weeks prior to exam date.


Financial Analyst Jobs

Financial analyst jobs are found in mutual and investment funds, banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and a variety of other industries. They can perform budget, credit, and cost analysis. Financial analysts work in a variety of fields whereby they analyze financial data, spot and analyze trends, and project forecasts. Using a variety of software, they consolidate financial information, then develop spreadsheets and financial reports. They present this information and make recommendations for improvement or buy/sell arrangements. Financial analysts must keep abreast with new industry regulations and policies. Financial analysts must also monitor current economic events and the effects on various entities/industries. Financial analysts must also be technologically savvy. Financial analysts usually have advanced degrees.

What is financial accounting?

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the branch of accounting that is concerned with the recording of business transactions and the periodic preparation of various financial reports from recording of the transactions. Financial accounting must follow the guidelines promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). It also entails complying with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

What are some finance job listings?

Finance Job Listings

Some finance job listings include: corporate banker, banking analyst, asset management, stock analyst and/or broker, credit analyst, investor relations, wealth management analyst, quantitative analytics, research, retail banking, hedge funds, money markets, capital markets, insurance, investment banking, investment consulting and/or planner, equities analyst, derivatives dealer, retirement planner, commodities trader/dealer, information technology analyst, venture capital/private equity, risk management, sales & marketing, trading.

What are some finance planning jobs?

Finance Planning Jobs

Finance Planning Jobs are varied and include:

  • Financial Planning - provide client with guidance on improving their financial position in a wide area of topics such as retirement planning, tax issues, etc.
  • Estate planning services - provide guidance of estate taxes and planning for your estate after death
  • Insurance Planning - financial planners can advise you on health, life, property and casualty insurance, but must be state-licensed to sell insurance
  • Investment Advisor - offer advice on securities related investments; in order to do this, financial planners must register with the SEC to offer security investment advice; many do this.
  • Stockbroker - buy, sell, trade stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (securities products); financial planners must become state-licensed to offer this service.

What are some financial analyst jobs?

Financial Analyst Jobs

While employed in the investment field financial analysts are known as Investment Analysts. They help others make wise investment decisions by analyzing various investment plans along with costs and benefits, financial information, and preparing a findings report.

While employed in the securities field they are known as Securities Analysts. They ascertain first-time offerings comply with SEC requirements. They also make buy/sell recommendations after reading and understanding the company's financial statements. They know the company's value and then project future earnings.

Financial analysts also work as ratings analysts. This position is involved with analyzing the debt repayment capability of a bond issuing entity or government.

Another Financial Analyst job involves working with acquisitions and mergers. Financial Analysts can give their approval or disapproval opinion based upon the cost and benefit analysis they prepared.


Finance Planning Jobs

A Financial Planner provides guidance to clients on how to best utilize assets. They follow a process to best meet client goals in financial areas. They evaluate investment portfolio risk level. They adjust retirement plans for unseen circumstances or changing goals. Appropriate applicants to a finance job listing for a Finacial Planner can also take into consideration budgeting, savings, taxes, investments, insurance, client goals, client lifestyle, and retirement planning.

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