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Accounting Job Listing

An accounting job listing is a job description listed in various media with the purpose of firms receiving resumes. An accounting job listing is usually a shortened version of a job description. It contains the title, job responsibilities, and method of contact.

What are some accounting & finance staffing agencies?

Accounting & Finance Staffing Agencies

Staffing for the accounting and finance field can be done either in-house or by outsourcing. Outsourcing means turning over the main recruiting responsibilities to a staffing agency or company. This frees up management's time and expense, in many cases.

Even though many accounting and finance staffing firms have websites where applicants can, and should, submit their resumes, an in-house interview will be needed. This interview will be with a recruiter who will go over your resume with you. The recruiter will learn more about you, including your attitude, personality, demeanor, appearance, and skillset. While going over your resume with you, the recruiter will ask pertinent questions to gain access into why they need to have you as a member of their applicant database.

While in your interview with the staffing agency's recruiter, have a positive attitude. Speak clearly in moderate tones. Present your qualifications and background confidently. State how you have helped companies in the past and how you can do that in the future.

Accounting and finance staffing agencies can be local, regional, national, or international. Local ones can usually be found listed in your local newspaper, job boards, university job placement centers, unemployment offices, and via networking. Some of these may offer other placements in addition to accounting and finance.

What is an accounting job opening?

Accounting Job Opening

An accounting job opening usually contains the job title, job responsibilities, reporting responsibilities, salary, and a method of contact. It usually is a shortened job description.

The accounting job opening can be found in a variety of ways including professional association meetings, newspaper classified ads, trade journals, online resume and career sites, and online forums. They also can be found during networking.

What are some online accounting and finance staffing agencies?

Online Accounting and Finance Staffing Agencies

The recruiting industry has expanded within the past few years. Many firms now only accept resumes via their online recruiting efforts. Many staffing agencies receive online resumes and use this as a screening source. If a resume received appears interesting and promising, the applicant will be contacted by the recruiter.

Explore these sites, submit your resume, and keep your resume updated. These popular sites are visited daily by an untold amount of job seekers, recruiters, and employers. Good luck!

What is an accounting job listing?

Accounting Job Listing

Companies like to have a file of current resumes available in case of changing personnel. They can simply look in their resume file, find appropriate candidates, and arrange an interview. This can save both time and money for them.

With so many specialities in the accounting field, the options available to accounting and finance professionals are endless. Companies usually have a standardized accounting job listing description. They keep this current so when the time arises, they simply put that listing in the media. Many times when applicants apply for one job, it is already filled. The applicant will be told to send in their resume anyways. After sending in resumes, some applicants receive calls in a few weeks due to the 'new' person not working out.

What are some accounting and finance jobs?

Accounting and Finance Jobs

In college there is an attitude discrepancy between accounting and finance majors. Accounting is known to take financial information and record transactions regarding events that have already occurred. It is based on the past. Finance is known to take financial information and project what can be. It is based on the future.

Once one gets out into the 'real world', it's obvious that accounting and finance jobs are intermingled quite frequently. Applicants need to have a basic understanding of accounting in order to succeed in the finance field. All accounting and finance jobs include working with the finances of a company or government.

Both fields are expected to expand and open the door for accounting and finance jobs. This is due to increased regulation (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), turnover, and new positions being developed.


Online Accounting and Finance Staffing Agencies

There are many accounting job opportunities in our current market place. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor & Statistics states that the accounting field is projected to have a strong demand for new workers. Accounting is an expanding field due to every business needing proper recordkeeping and accountability. Increased regulations is another reason the demand for accounting jobs has occurred. Find an accounting job opportunity with AccountPros that best fits your skills and experience.


Accounting & Finance Staffing Agencies

There are a variety of recruiters, or staffing firms like AccountPros, that concentrate in the accounting and fields. AccountPros is has expertise placing qualified candidates in accounting and finance jobs for over 20 years.They specialize in marketing themselves to the industry, know the industry intricacies, and can provide the best service to applicants. It is always a good idea to become a part of the staffing agency's database. They are always on the lookout for good applicants to please their clients' personnel requirements. When looking for jobs in accounting, make sure you have the right qualifications and skills for the accounting position you're applying for, especially with more senior-level positions. For example, the successful candidate for the Litigation Consultant will have 8-10 years experience with valuation, accounting and/or finance and at least 5 years experience as an Audit Manager within a public accounting environment. A CPA is always a plus when applying for accounting jobs.


Accounting and Finance Jobs

Accounting and finance jobs include: staff accountant, senior accountant, financial analyst, senior financial analyst, accounts payable/accounts receivable clerk/administrator (A/P, A/R), accounting manager, tax manager, internal auditor, senior internal auditor, chief financial officer (CFO), controller, business systems analyst, stock analyst, investment planner, retirement planner, treasury account, CPA, CFP, IRS analyst, hospital accountant, church accountant, governmental accountant, treasurer, cost accountant, cost manager, reconciliation accountant, consolidation accountant, sales and use tax accountant, finance manager, investment analyst, tax consultant, tax accountant, ratings analyst, merger analyst…the list goes on. Today, senior level finance and accounting types have moved into CEO positions.

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