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Part Time Jobs for Accounting Majors

If you're over 18 and a college student, consider taking on a contract assignment at a local accounting firm while your home during college breaks. Positions in the administrative offices of any industry will serve well for an accounting major. Every administrative office has accounting to do and a part time accounting job can serve as great experience for a student majoring in accounting. Work in the accounting office as anything from a file clerk to accounting assistant. You can review transactions, recordings, and only gain knowledge.

What is a good part time job for an accounting major?

Part Time Jobs for Accounting Majors

Having a part time accounting job during your college career will also provide you with invaluable experience. You will be able to put to use the book knowledge you are learning. This, in turn, will heighten your book learning experience. It also will make information easier to understand and reinforces it.

Accounting majors would do well to find a part-time job in CPA and/or independent accounting firms. These firms offer the most varied client base. Students would get an idea about the specialized reporting for different industries. From file clerk to accounting assistant - part time jobs in independent accounting firms can only benefit the student.

I am a Finance Major. What are some part time jobs for me?

Part Time Jobs for Finance Managers

Finance majors would benefit from part-time jobs in the insurance, securities, investment/retirement planning, and financial planning fields. From file clerk, data entry, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, to assistant - all would be great part time jobs for the finance major.

Finance major students gain insight into specialized fields in finance and accounting by working in them first-hand. An assistant to any professional in the financial field such as insurance, securities, investing and/or financial management would be a great part-time job for the finance major.

What are some part time accounting jobs?

Part Time Accounting Jobs For Students

Part time accounting jobs run the gamut from file clerk, data entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, to accounting assistant. They all offer students the opportunity to work in the accounting field while also pursuing their studies.

Part time accounting jobs are usually posted in the campus newspaper, and on bulletin boards. They also can be found by networking with students and professors. Many professors have contacts to help their students succeed.

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