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How much does a Controller get paid?

Consultant Salary

Salaries for accounting consultants differ according to industry, firm size, individual responsibilities, and specialization. In general, consultants providing small business consulting seem to average $40-60 per hour. In mid-size firms it averages $70-90. In large firms it can average over $100 per hour.

These are rough estimates, since the variance in positions, location, and duties are so wide.


Accounting Consulting Referrals

Accountant referrals, which can be used to increase an accounting consulting practice, can be obtained in a variety of ways. The subject of accountant referral has some divided. Some agencies/firms charge for referrals, some do not. Visit the online database of accounting referrals ready to serve your needs. Online staffing providers and employment agencies like AccountPros that specialize in locating accounting professionals are another great source for qualified candidate referrals.

What does a business valuation consultant do?

Business Valuation Consultant

The business valuation consultant provides duties to help clients with formal valuation for compliance and/or regulator purposes. This position also involves:

  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Related party transactions
  • Corporate reorganization and restructuring
  • Employee share transactions and stock option plans
  • Income tax and estate planning
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Work in financial advisory services such as: manage intellectual capital; prepare financial modeling for acquisition/disposition strategies and buy-outs.
Also: candidates must have external consulting experience in business valuation; a Bachelor’s in accounting or finance; and CPA or other professional designation.

Knowledge about current regulations is necessary; excellent computer skills and knowledge base is needed; excellent analytical skills; excellent presentation skills. Salary is $70,000 range.

What is a litigation consultant?

Litigation Consultant

The litigation consultant position requires experience in performing corporate finance and accounting for client companies in bankruptcy, litigation support, financial workouts, forensic accounting and business valuation areas. Responsibilities will include review of audit work papers and damage analysis. This position requires significant experience mentoring and developing staff consultants. . Extensive experience in work paper review required. Demonstrated knowledge of GAAP and GAAS as well as accounting theory. Strong supervisory skills with ability to manage teams and engagements in a timely manner.

What are some Controller resources?

Controller Resources

Want to brush up on the latest trends and industry news? Here are some resources for your educational and career advancement enjoyment.

Trade Journals:
Accounting Today
Journal of Accountancy
Marcus Letter

American Institute of CPAs
Management Accountants
Association of Internal Auditors
Accounting Administration
Management Consulting Firms

General Accounting Office (GAO)
Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Business Week
Wall Street Journal
Business Journals

What is in a Senior Consultant job description?

Senior Consultant Job Description

A Senior Consultant will work with managers and directors on client projects to develop accounting, research, analytical, consulting and industry skills, as well as to gain exposure to job administration responsibilities and management techniques.
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Understand technical accounting policy and its application to clients
  • Help conduct operational impact assessments
  • Assist in the review of internal controls over accounting/finance functions (as required by Section 404 of Sarbanes Oxley Act)
  • Understand accounting data, reports, and source documents
  • Evaluate a company's finance function, map key processes and identify more efficient processes
  • Work in a deadline oriented environment
  • Interface with the client in a client setting
  • Work independently and in a team setting; multi-task oriented

Job Experience:
Qualifications/Education Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance required
  • Minimally CPA candidate required; CPA or CIA preferred
  • 2 plus years of public accounting/audit experience preferred
  • Effective oral and written communications skills
  • Strong technical skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access); Visio and SQL a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility with respect to travel

Where do I find accounting consulting referrals?

Accounting Consulting Referrals

In many cases, accounting firms will seek out candidate referrals for open positions in the firm. Accountant referrals help prospective accounting job applicants get an interview and also help accounting firms bring in additional business. Here are some tips to expanding your accountant referral reach:

  • Check with your State Board of Accountancy and the AICPA. They usually maintain a list of members involved in the consulting field, along with contact information.
  • Join local professional organizations and let others know what you are seeking. Someone may have a referral. Accountant Referral Director offers a referral guide for a fee.
  • National Consultants Referral Service guarantees performance of any consultant they refer to you. They also offer a Professional Management Consultant (PMC) designation.

What does an MBA Consulting resume look like?

Sample Consultant (MBA) Resume

Here is a sample MBA Consultant resume for you to see the information set-up:

1 S. Lake Shore Dr., Apt. 2
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 555-1234


Master of Business Administration - Finance and Strategic Management - June 2001

  • Dean's Honor List
  • Active member of Management Consulting, Corporate Management and Strategy, and High Tech Clubs.

Bachelor of Arts in Physics (Cum Laude) - June 1996

  • Andersen College Scholarship for academic distinction; Dean's List all semesters
  • Violinist in Andersen College Symphony
  • Physics tutor for Bureau of Study Counsel; active participant in Habitat for Humanity
  • Completed dissertation in the field of condensed matter theory


Technology Project Manager - Investment Banking - June 1997 - July 1999

  • Managed project teams to develop profit and loss systems for Proprietary Trading group
  • Promoted to project leadership role in two years, well ahead of department average of four
  • Developed an original mathematical algorithm for trading processing module, improving performance by 1200%
  • Led team of six analysts in firmwide project to reengineer loan syndicate trading flows in firm's largest technology project of 1999. Recommendations established new firmwide standard for real-time trade processing
  • Appointed lead developer of interest accrual team after just three months in department. Initiated and designed project to create customized, improved interest accrual and P&L applications for fixed income controllers
  • Selected to work on high-profile project to reengineer corporate bond trading P&L system. Reduced overnight processing time from six hours to 20 minutes and improved desktop application speed by 350%
  • Devoted 20-25 hours a month to instructing junior members of the team in interest accrual and trading

Analyst - June 1996 - May 1997

  • Developed cutting-edge analytic software for use by Wall Street traders
  • Worked on a daily basis with clients to create and implement customized strategic software solution for equity traders. Helped create and deliver extensive training program for clients
  • Initiated, created, and documented new firmwide standard for software module development


  • Winner of stock trading competition in November 1997. Won first place out of over 1,600 entrants worldwide with one-month return of 43.3%.
  • Other interests include violin, soccer, and the harmonica
  • Recent travel to Yemen, Egypt, and Venezuela

(resume from )

What is a Planning and Budget Consultant?

Planning & Budget Consultant

The Planning & Budget Consultant is usually defined as performing the following duties and responsibilities: Defining systems strategy, developing systems requirements, designing and prototyping, testing, training, defining support procedures, and implementing practical business solutions under multiple deadlines. This individual must be able to collaborate with clients, identify engagement follow-on opportunities, and offer solutions for business problems.

A Bachelor's in finance or accounting needed. A CPA or other professional designation is preferred. Strong interpersonal skills are needed; strong software experience is necessary; strong supervisory skills.

Salary varies according to firm size and industry.

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