Accounts Payable Resume

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Accounts Payable Resume

An accounts payable job can range the entire gamut from an accounts payable clerk to accounts payable manager. They each have their own job descriptions and responsibilities. An accounts payable job is concerned with the outflow of company cash, dealing with invoices and vendors, and maintaining the liability account of accounts payable. Be sure that your resume fully represents your accounts payable experience, especially if you are looking to move up in title. An Accounts Payable Manager usually oversees the Accounts Payable team. They provide supervision and guidance for the accounts payable team. The A/P Accountant ultimately reports to the Manager. Other duties and responsibilities the Accounts Payable Manager can perform include:

  • Establish company A/P guidelines
  • Approve payment vouchers
  • Oversee accounting software program
  • Develop A/P chart of accounts
  • Approve new vendors
  • Communicate with management regarding purchasing and A/P issues
  • Hires, trains, terminates A/P personnel
  • Approves or denies A/P personnel requests such as vacation time, sick time, etc.
  • Updates A/P job descriptions
  • Writes A/P manual
  • Ascertains A/P budget compliance
  • Signs A/P checks
  • Conducts A/P training
  • Coordinates monthly closing procedures
  • Manage invoice documentation retention
  • Schedules and conducts meetings as needed.
The A/P Manager requires supervisory skills, advanced A/P experience, and advanced knowledge of industry standards. They usually hold an advanced degree in accounting.



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Nowadays, CV's appearance is really important because when you search for an accountant position on job boards (getbetterjob, indeed, monster etc.) the first thing company recieves from you is CV.


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