Entry-Level Accounting Jobs & Interviews

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Entry-Level Accounting Jobs & Interviews

Entry level applicants face a different challenge than their more work experienced career seeking counterparts. What are some interview techniques to be used to highlight your uniqueness? Use some of the following:

Research. Look into the company you will be interviewing for. Find out when they began, what they do, and what they offer. Make a list of questions to ask. Potential employers like this. It shows initiative on your part.

Dress conservatively. Usually, this means business casual. A simple cotton shirt and pants for men, either pants or skirt or women, both wear socks and appropriate shoes. Once you get hired, you can dress like the group, if desired.

Be confident. It is easy to become nervous during interviews. Know your skills and what you can bring to the firm. State it with confidence.

Be yourself. Do not prepare canned responses to interviewer questions. Many interviewers can spot a liar and canned speeches. Give honest answers, but be reserved.

Be proud of your accomplishments and experience. Even though you may lack actual paid work experience, you have – for instance – helped the local branch of the Habitat for Humanity organize their recordkeeping. Not everyone has done that. Some sit on the sidelines, while you pitch in and succeed. Potential employers like to hear you are a go-getter.

Make good eye contact. This displays confidence and honesty.

Know your skills, accomplishments, and abilities well before going to the interview. Prepare properly. You will succeed. Good luck!



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