Accounting & Finance Staffing Agencies

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What are some accounting & finance staffing agencies?

Accounting & Finance Staffing Agencies

Staffing for the accounting and finance field can be done either in-house or by outsourcing. Outsourcing means turning over the main recruiting responsibilities to a staffing agency or company. This frees up management's time and expense, in many cases.

Even though many accounting and finance staffing firms have websites where applicants can, and should, submit their resumes, an in-house interview will be needed. This interview will be with a recruiter who will go over your resume with you. The recruiter will learn more about you, including your attitude, personality, demeanor, appearance, and skillset. While going over your resume with you, the recruiter will ask pertinent questions to gain access into why they need to have you as a member of their applicant database.

While in your interview with the staffing agency's recruiter, have a positive attitude. Speak clearly in moderate tones. Present your qualifications and background confidently. State how you have helped companies in the past and how you can do that in the future.

Accounting and finance staffing agencies can be local, regional, national, or international. Local ones can usually be found listed in your local newspaper, job boards, university job placement centers, unemployment offices, and via networking. Some of these may offer other placements in addition to accounting and finance.



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