Why an interview thank you letter?

Interview Thank You Letters

After completing an interview, it's good form to send a thank you note/letter to the potential employer. This is said to express appreciation, display consideration, and expresses valuing another's time.

Writing an interview thank you letter/note needs to be done as soon as you are done with the interview. You need to be prompt in sending an interview thank you note due to the potential employer interviewing so many applicants. The promptness of receiving your thank you note will display your enthusiasm and level of concern to your potential employer. You want to be remembered.

A well-written interview thank you letter can keep you fresh in the potential employer's mind. The letter will also give the reader more insight into your writing skills. This is important since written communication skills are always in demand within the finance and accounting industry.

A well-written interview thank you letter does not need to be anything fancy, nor time-consuming. It is the thought and presentation that counts. The components of a well-written interview thank you letter/note are as follows:

Today's Date

Addressee: (Mr. or Ms. XXX)

Reason for the note/letter consisting of a short thank you statement followed by one or two sentences highlighting the interview experience.

Example: "Thank you for the informative interview earlier today. It provided me with greater insight into your organization that I otherwise could not have obtained. For instance, I love the way your firm is involved with charity work. I would be honored to become a part of your firm."

Closing salutation such as: Sincerely Yours (standardized)

Your signature

Phone number

Other points: Handwrite your interview thank you note. It is more personalized than a typewritten version. Plus, it also means you actually took the time to bring out some paper and put a pen in your hand. In this technological age, that is a welcoming thought. Some, however, would argue against handwritten notes. This is when a typewritten thank you letter is used.

Writing Materials: The material used to write your interview thank you letter/note is important, also. Use either a heavy-stock notecard with envelope, or 8-1/2" x 11" paper. Do not use pretty flowery, purple stationary found in department stores. You want to project a professional appearance, not the opposite. The finance and accounting industry is known to be overall conservative. Your offhanded colors and designs of your interview thank you note/letter will not be appreciated.

In our modern technology, many people are sending email interview thank you notes. Follow the same format as the written variety mentioned above. Include a signature line under your name.

Include writing a professionally appearing, properly worded interview thank you letter/note as part of your interview process. Good luck!

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