What does an MBA Consulting resume look like?

Sample Consultant (MBA) Resume

Here is a sample MBA Consultant resume for you to see the information set-up:

1 S. Lake Shore Dr., Apt. 2
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 555-1234


Master of Business Administration - Finance and Strategic Management - June 2001

  • Dean's Honor List
  • Active member of Management Consulting, Corporate Management and Strategy, and High Tech Clubs.

Bachelor of Arts in Physics (Cum Laude) - June 1996

  • Andersen College Scholarship for academic distinction; Dean's List all semesters
  • Violinist in Andersen College Symphony
  • Physics tutor for Bureau of Study Counsel; active participant in Habitat for Humanity
  • Completed dissertation in the field of condensed matter theory


Technology Project Manager - Investment Banking - June 1997 - July 1999

  • Managed project teams to develop profit and loss systems for Proprietary Trading group
  • Promoted to project leadership role in two years, well ahead of department average of four
  • Developed an original mathematical algorithm for trading processing module, improving performance by 1200%
  • Led team of six analysts in firmwide project to reengineer loan syndicate trading flows in firm's largest technology project of 1999. Recommendations established new firmwide standard for real-time trade processing
  • Appointed lead developer of interest accrual team after just three months in department. Initiated and designed project to create customized, improved interest accrual and P&L applications for fixed income controllers
  • Selected to work on high-profile project to reengineer corporate bond trading P&L system. Reduced overnight processing time from six hours to 20 minutes and improved desktop application speed by 350%
  • Devoted 20-25 hours a month to instructing junior members of the team in interest accrual and trading

Analyst - June 1996 - May 1997

  • Developed cutting-edge analytic software for use by Wall Street traders
  • Worked on a daily basis with clients to create and implement customized strategic software solution for equity traders. Helped create and deliver extensive training program for clients
  • Initiated, created, and documented new firmwide standard for software module development


  • Winner of stock trading competition in November 1997. Won first place out of over 1,600 entrants worldwide with one-month return of 43.3%.
  • Other interests include violin, soccer, and the harmonica
  • Recent travel to Yemen, Egypt, and Venezuela

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