Looking the Part for an Accounting Job Interview

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What can I do to present myself in a professional manner for an accounting job interview?

Looking the Part for an Accounting Job Interview

When trying to convince a prospective employer of your skills and capabilities, it is important to dress the part. Everyone wants to make that great first impression. Dressing the part for an accounting job interview tells the employer that you are professional and that you take pride in your appearance.

Preparing for an accounting job interview means professional business attire and good grooming. A dark, solid colored suit with tie is still the standard practice for an accounting job interview. Women should also take a conservative approach with their dress sense. Avoid trendy clothes or wild colors. Women can consider a suit with a skirt or trousers. Also consider getting a fresh haircut. In terms of makeup for women, it is important to keep it minimal and conservative. Also be sure to keep jewelry, makeup, perfume and cologne to a minimum.

Think about your posture and maintain eye contact. That displays confidence. Try to also let your personality shine through during the accounting job interview so that the prospective employer gets the whole package.



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