Help Attract Finance Recruiting Agencies through Your Skill Set

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How can I make myself attractive to finance recruiting agencies?

Help Attract Finance Recruiting Agencies through Your Skill Set

If you are looking to attract the attention of finance recruiting agencies to get a job as a financial analyst, treasurer, risk manager, investor relations officer, controller or chief financial officer, then you need to reframe your resume and your marketing efforts so that they tout your finance skills.

Instead of just listing your financial skills or your accounting skills, carefully study finance job openings to see what skills are being mentioned.

Most corporate finance jobs are likely to require problem solving, intuitive and analytical skills. Technical skills based on computer forecasting models, financial software programs, corporate financial planning, capital funding, and risk management are all attractive to finance recruiting agencies.

Beyond theory and book knowledge, the corporate world also wants talent that can be flexible and work in a cross-functional environment. You may even want to learn a foreign language or expand your global financial knowledge to be considered for a multinational firm or expatriate position.



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