Quantify Your Accomplishments for Successful Accounting Recruitment

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How can I stand out in a crowd of accounting candidates?

Quantify Your Accomplishments for Successful Accounting Recruitment

Jobs in accounting are about balancing the numbers and delivering the figures that will improve bottom-line performance. The same can be said when you are looking for accounting jobs. In order to be noticed in the world of accounting recruitment, make sure you quantify all of your accomplishments and link these successes to specific accountant skills and accountant work experience.

Gearing up your marketing efforts for a job in accounting should focus on the dollar amounts, percentages, and numbers, each based on application of specific finance skills. After all, your future employer wants to know that you will be able to deliver on their financial expectations and present a strategic direction that will help improve company performance.

When you are marketing yourself and your accounting career skills or financial skills to a potential employer or to a corporate finance recruiter, be sure to help them connect the dots on how your contributions will benefit them. Even though it's you looking for a job, an employer or the accounting recruitment agencies that you use will want to know what you can do for them.



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