Jobs in Accounting

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What types of jobs in accounting are available?

Jobs in Accounting

One of many available accountant jobs is the accounting manager. Accounting managers are responsible for financial reporting while finance managers are responsible for strategy and money management.

Typically, accounting managers work in a corporate setting and are involved in tax reporting, income statement creation, and other financial tasks. Entering into these types of accountant jobs sets you on the course to move up into the role of corporate treasurer, corporate controller, or even chief financial officer. Accounting managers also can get accountant jobs within a public accounting company where they work in the role of an audit or tax consultant.

According to PayScale, which offers an accountant salary guide, accounting managers make $39,633-$58,401 for 1-4 years of experience and $48,681-$75,531 for 5-9 years of experience. Accounting job salaries do vary by industry and state, so it is important to search by area, sector, and years of experience when calculating accountant salary info.

In order to get these types of jobs in accounting, a master's degree or finance MBA is typically favored, although it is possible to get an entry-level position with an undergraduate degree in accounting.



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