Entry-Level Accounting Jobs & Interviews

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Entry-Level Accounting Jobs & Interviews

Some part time entry-level accounting jobs are: Accounts Receivable and/or Payable Clerk (and/or bookkeeper), Full Charge Bookkeeper, Staff Accountant, Tax Preparer, Church Accountant, Foundation Accountant, Accounting Consultant, Payroll Accountant, - among others. Individuals working in part time accounting jobs must be detailed oriented, have an aptitude with figures, and possess good computer skills and knowledge. They also must communicate well. Many times, job applicants are seeking part time positions due to various lifestyle preferences. There are a variety of entry level accounting jobs open and available with part time hours. Any entry level accounting position can be done part time, depending upon company requirements. Sometimes, recently opened and smaller firms use part time accounting help since the transaction level is not enough to warrant a full time employee. Larger firms hire part time employees due to budget restraints, or workload requirements. Sometimes part time employees contract with firms, working as independent contractors. Some jobs are considered part time due to being considered seasonal – such as an IRS Tax Preparer. Some part time accounting jobs are used as stepping stones to full-time employment. Either way, there usually are plenty of part time accounting jobs available requiring differing skill sets and qualifications. Staffing companies like AccountPros can help you land entry level accounting jobs by helping you craft your resume, prepare for interviews, and provide in-depth industry information for clients.



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