Treasury Job Duties/Functions

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What are some treasury job functions?

Treasury Job Duties/Functions

The treasury system is mainly concerned with the following functions involving cash:

Capital Markets & Funding- ensuring most efficient manner of using cash assets; analyze proposed projects; determining dividend payouts, if any; finding best way to fund company.

Money Management-forecasting cash payments for reinvestment possibilities; find ways to free up company assets and to put to best use.

Risk Management- analyzing borrowing costs relationship to profit margin; reviewing economic changes and effect upon firm; analyze company borrowers and ridding of slow pays; analyze potential of opening branches in risky area.

Managing Treasury Function-supervising department staff; analyze financial products and present findings to management; being informed of interest and foreign exchange rates; staying current with industry happenings.

These are but a few of the functions involved within the treasury system. The treasury system functions within many specialties such as investments, debt, foreign exchange, hedge, stocks, etc.



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