Become a Tax Consultant

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How do I become a Tax Consultant?

Become a Tax Consultant

To become a tax consultant, there are a variety of items that can be done along your path to success. They are:

  1. Get a solid foundation and education in the accounting field. Once this education is obtained, start working in a position that involves taxes of some sort. The best recommendation would be to work in public accounting. This way potential tax consultants would be exposed to a variety of industries, each having their own idiosyncrasies. These differences lead to insight and knowledge. By preparing taxes for a variety of clients, one obtains a wider experience base.
  2. Keep current, or learn, the current tax laws regarding the area you are interested in. Analyze financial information and read the tax laws that apply to a particular account.
  3. Talk with current tax consultants about your interest. Experienced individuals usually like to talk about their craft with anyone who is interested.
  4. Read trade journals and books on tax consulting. You can never have too much knowledge.
  5. Get online and read all you can about tax consulting. Find out what it takes, what skills, personality traits, and knowledge base lead to success. Join forum groups, and other networking groups. Many career sites have chat rooms. Find one and participate, if desired.
These are just a few ideas to start you on your path to becoming a tax consultant. Many tax consultants have professional designations, even doctorals. Be prepared to work for this position. The tax-consulting field is a great field to become a part of. Persevere, work, and reap the benefits. Good luck!



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