How to Interview & Techniques

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How do I interview?

How to Interview & Techniques

Be yourself. This will come through during the interview. It does not mean being slack and disrespectful of your interviewer. It simply means being comfortable with yourself and experience. You know your qualifications and what you can provide your potential employer. Be confident of this and present it modestly.

Some other techniques to use during your interview are:

  • Prepare properly; be composed; perform research; arrive 15 minutes beforehand; gain composure;
  • Dress appropriately & conservatively. Men should wear a suit, polished shoes, pastel shirt, tie, black socks. Women should wear a suit or pant suit,
  • Wait to be asked to sit once in interview room; extend your hand, introduce yourself, make eye contact, smile; listen attentively, and maintain good posture.
DON'T: play with hair, chew gum, don't fidget or slouchbite nails; use modulated speech and tone - not too soft, don't slur words, talk clearly; have a list of questions to ask; bring a reference list; bring a copy of your resume.

Knowing the proper interview techniques will only benefit you. Good luck!



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