How to Advance Yourself in the Controller Field

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How do I advance myself in the Controller field?

How to Advance Yourself in the Controller Field

Now that you are seeking a Controller position, there are a variety of ways to advance yourself professionally while you pursue your job search. These include:

Learn to play golf (or better your game). This may sound funny, but much networking is done while playing this sport with your peers. Be prepared.

Subscribe to trade journals. Trade journals contain a wealth of information about your field. Read them and learn from them. Keep abreast on what is happening in your chosen field.

Read the Wall Street Journal. This publication contains information on all business matters. It is a very common publication regarding business news. You may luck out and have your future employer subscribe to it for you.

Read Business Week. This is another publication containing a lot of useful information to prepare you for success.

Surround yourself with successful people. Learn from them. You can help yourself tremendously this way.

Visit business related websites. Many sites (especially resume submitting and career building) offer a wealth of information that you can learn from. You can advance yourself professionally and personally (by gaining knowledge) very easily this way.

Enjoy a hobby. This is a welcome relief from the pressure received during work week. You need to relax at the end of the day.



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