Sample Accounting Manager Job Description

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Can I see a sample accounting manager job description?

Sample Accounting Manager Job Description


Reports to: CEO Division: Finance/Accounting
Supervises: Finance, Accounting, HR Date: December, 2004

Summary Statement:
- To advise and assist the CEO, as a member of theollaborative management team, in meeting or exceeding the overall financial and strategic objectives of Kandiyohi Power Cooperative and its subsidiary businesses (hereinafter referred to collectively as KPC).
- To direct the financial/accounting activities of KPC in a sound and timely manner.
- To serve as the Information Technology coordinator.
- To be responsible for the planning, direction, coordination, review and monitoring of all financially related policies and procedures.
- To be responsible for the Human Resource function of KPC.
- To recruit, develop and lead a team of employees, consultants and partners that will achieve the desired financial performance of KPC.

Major Areas of Accountability:
1. Creates the conditions by which KPC is able to achieve its financial objectives.
A. Sets up, maintains and constantly reviews a system of internal controls, reports and processes that regularly, accurately and acceptably reflects the financial condition of KPC.
B. Regularly communicates the financial condition of KPC to the CEO.
C. Identifies and recommends to the CEO in the most timely fashion all options and actions necessary to address financial opportunities or challenges of KPC.

2. Directs all financial activities in a way that achieves the overall goals of KPC, including but not limited to:
A. Planning: Prepares long range financial forecasts and works collaboratively with other management team members on rate and price studies, as well as working collaboratively on analyzing and recommending optimum capital credit retirements, keeps abreast of various regulatory requirements and business methods.
B. Budgeting: Leads the effort in the planning and preparation of the annual budget. Regularly monitors and works closely with management team members in taking timely action to insure that budgets and financial plans of KPC stay within approved levels.
C. Accounting: Insures the accounting of revenues and expenses are performed in an accurate, efficient and timely manner in conformity with the uniform system of accounts and GAAP.
D. Reporting: Prepares various state and federal reporting requirements.
E. Cash Management and Investments: Insures cash flow statements are prepared monthly manages the daily cash balance and invests excess funds to achieve the most lucrative rate consistent with board policy.
F. Finance: Plans for the future financing requirements and stability of KPC by preparing and recommending loan applications for approved work programs and/or diversification efforts. Regularly reviews debt portfolios for optimum rates.
G. Consulting: Serves as the lead financial consultant by assisting in the preparation of business plans and financial forecasting for other ventures of or being considered by KPC. Works with the board¡¦s auditors and other consultants in carrying out the financial responsibilities of KPC and its subsidiary businesses.
H. Information Technology: Serves as the coordinator of the IT function working with other management team members who have some expertise in this area to insure that the cooperatives data is accessible and useable throughout the organization in a coordinated and compatible manner.
I. Building and Grounds: The manager of Finance/Accounting is responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and grounds.

3. Coordinates with the CEO and administers the wage, salary and benefit plan.
4. Coordinates implements and administers the Human Resource function to ensure the fair, equitable treatment of all employees and compliance with all State and Federal laws.
5. Leads and manages division personnel to achieve the desired financial performance of KPC.
6. Builds and improves division efficien



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