Entry Level Accounting Jobs

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What are some entry level accounting jobs?

Entry Level Accounting Jobs

Due to the recent legislation and new regulations, the finance and accounting field is experiencing tremendous growth. The Department of Labor states the field is one of the fastest growing within the business world. Along with that comes many new entry level accounting jobs. Here is a sampling of positions available along with the accounting method:

Staff Accountant, IRS Special Agent, IRS Analyst, Cost Analyst, General Ledger Accountant, and Junior Auditor.

Entry level accounting jobs also exist in the nonprofit sector. The nonprofit sector involves charitable organizations, religious entities, socially oriented organizations, and governmental. There are special skill levels involved in nonprofit accounting. Church Accountants, Foundation Accountants, and Charity Accountants are all considered nonprofit accounting jobs.

Strong computer/keyboard skills are needed for entry-level accounting jobs. Knowledge of accounting software is needed. Good communication skills-oral and written are needed. An attention to detail and analytical mindset are also needed. Some entry level accounting positions require a Bachelor's, others do not.



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