Accounts Payable Resume

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How do I prepare an accounts payable resume?

Accounts Payable Resume

Sections of an accounts payable resume consist of your contact information at the top of the page. This is followed by: Objective Statement, Skills & Qualifications, Work History, Educational Background, Professional Associations, and Personal Interests (if desired).

When preparing an accounts payable resume, certain items need to be emphasized. In the 'Objective' statement, mention the accounts payable position you are seeking. For instance, 'To obtain an Accounts Payable Accountant position'. Do not add anything else than the specific position you are seeking.

In the 'Skills and Qualifications' section of your accounts payable resume highlight your qualifications in the field. Mention these skills first and highlight them in bold to help them stand out from the rest of your skills. For instance..."Efficiently maintained accounts payable function for multi-million dollar entity".

In the work experience section, put your accounts payable experience in bold print. Use action-oriented, detailed words in describing the results you have achieved. They add excitement and interest to your resume. "Responsible for processing high volume of accounts payable transactions" is better than "processed a lot of transactions".

When listing work history, list dates employed first. Follow this by the position title, then the company name. Put this information all in bold for ease of reading. Once again, list your responsibilities and duties in action-oriented terms.

For new graduates without work experience, put your educational background first. If you are seasoned in accounts payable, put your education after your work history.

Do not include references on your accounts payable resume. If a potential employer is interested in talking with you further, they will notify you of their interest in scheduling an interview. Bring your references to the interview.

Be sure to spell check and proofread. Also, be certain your grammar and punctuation are correct. Readers of your resume will notice these items. Any resume with misspellings, improper punctuation, and bad grammar reflects poorly on the applicant.

NOTE: As far as the appearance of your accounts payable resume, some argue not to use bold print. Many firms now scan resumes into their computer system and bold type has a tendency to hinder readability.



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