Audit Director

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What is an Audit Director?

Audit Director

The Audit Director leads the audit team - both public and private entities. They are ultimately responsible for audit directives. Many times they are the liaison between external auditors and management. This position oversees Audit Managers. Depending on the company they are employed by, duties vary.

Audit Directors, in general, monitor the fieldwork progress of the audit team. They may schedule, lead, and plan the audit engagements. They communicate with senior management regarding audit engagements.

The Audit Director usually has the highest level of experience and knowledge of any auditing position in the company. They are expected to have a CPA designation and 10+ years of experience. Many firms require some of this experience to be obtained in a Big 4 firm. Audit Directors are expected to have strong communication skills - both oral and written. They also need to exhibit strong supervisory skills, critical thinking, and technological skills .

The Audit Director position usually earns over $100,000. This depends on the region, industry, and experience.

Audit Director positions are filled many times via networking with other professionals. There also are filled by staffing agencies specializing in the accounting and auditing fields. These firms successful at matching applicants with companies.



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