Studying for the CPA Exam

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How do I prepare for the CPA exam?

Studying for the CPA Exam

It takes extensive studying to prepare for the CPA Exam. There are a variety of ways to do this, luckily. Depending on your choice, preparing can be done via self-study (cassettes, DVDs, CDs, etc.), online courses, or in a classroom setting.

There are a variety of CPA Review Courses available to assist you. Gleim CPA Review Course is known for its thorough manuals and self-testing via software, books, audio and online study. Visit them at for more information.

Becker CPA Review Course has been around for years and is known for its high success rate. In fact, all of the Big 4 have chosen Becker as their preferred review course provider. Becker students are known for passing the CPA Exam at double the rate as non-Becker students sitting for the Exam. There are more than 2,000 Elijah Watts Sells Award Winners (highest scorers on the CPA Exam) who have taken Becker. Becker is great due to its structured classroom setting combined with texts, live instruction, and assignments - in my opinion. Plus, students can converse with other students and instructors for reinforcement. For those not wanting such structure, Becker offers online classes and self-study CDs. I, personally, highly recommend Becker CPA Review Course. It is a 100% exam-based review course. The review coursework concentrates on relevant CPA Exam material. Visit Becker online at for specifics.

Another area of study for the CPA Candidate is the CPA Exam testing software. Prior to actually sitting for the CPA Exam, CPA applicants need to become acquainted with the computerized testing software. Take some time during your studying to do practice tests online and familiarize yourself with the testing software. There is an online test tutorial located at This is the official website for the Uniform CPA Exam.

Study, study, study and prepare for your CPA Exam success!



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