Tax Accounting Consultant Jobs

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Tax Accounting Consultant Jobs

An upper level tax accounting position is known as a Tax Accounting Consultant. The Tax Accounting Consultant performs a variety of duties all geared towards helping clients with tax issues. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a tax accounting consultant include:

  • Perform and review tax compliance in relation to company or client opportunities
  • Keep clients and/or management informed of tax developments that affects their business
  • Help clients and/or management interpret and integrate tax considerations into their own strategy
  • Be involved in dispute resolution and strategic planning, tax decision automation, tax recovery issues, audit defense issues, conduct tax research to assist in the implementation and interpretation of tax laws as they affect clients and/or management
  • Become familiar with tax issues to aid in minimizing company's or client's tax cost
  • Monitor tax legislation, regulations, rulings, etc. affecting tax compliance
  • Prepare general ledger account analyses and reconciliations; work on special projects as needed; resolve tax issues; work on systems projects and process improvements.
The Tax Accounting Consultant position requires advanced professional experience, such as seven or more years. Multi-state licensure and experience are is often desired, depending upon the firm or client involved. The consulting position requires good communication skills – both oral and written. Good research skills are necessary. The ability to prioritize tasks is also necessary.



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