Treasury Analyst

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What is a Treasury Analyst?

Treasury Analyst

The Treasury Analyst is responsible for a variety of duties and responsibilities depending upon the entity's size, and individual requirements. In general, the Treasury Analyst must:

  • Maintain banking relationships,
  • Analyze bank fees, recommend cost savings, maintain bank accounts, liaison between bank and management
  • Maintain cash, debit, and interest schedules
  • Analyze treasury accounts and processes
  • Analyze and prepare foreign exchange transactions
  • Analyze and possibly prepare A/R, A/P, and G/L entries and reconciliations
  • Maintain communication with Regulatory Reporting to ensure efficiency between Internal & External auditing
  • Maintain company stock ledger
  • Cash management responsibilities includes estimates, calculation of net cash position, analysis of bank activity and assessment of investing/borrowing activity; maintaining lockbox activity and records
Qualifications for a Treasury Analyst position include:
  • Experience in cash management
  • Solid finance and accounting skills are necessary
  • Excellent analytical abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and an ability to work and communicate effectively with all levels of operations and senior management.
  • A Bachelor's Degree in either finance or accounting is usually required
The Treasury Analyst annual salary ranges around $50,000. This depends upon the firm's size and individual position responsibilities.



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