Sales & Use Tax Accountant

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What does a Sales & Use Tax Accountant do?

Sales & Use Tax Accountant

A Sales & Use Tax Accountant can be employed at the corporate administrative level for reporting multi-state sales tax implications. Or, if the company does not operate in multiple states, the Sales & Use Tax Accountant will be employed in the corporate office to assist with in-state branch operation reporting.

A Sales & Use Tax will prepare excise tax returns, sales & use tax returns, and local jurisdiction sales tax returns regarding affected areas. They also may file and prepare property tax returns for any assets bought or sold during the year. For instance, if the company operates a national firm with branches in each state, the Sales & Use Tax Accountant will prepare sales & use tax returns for each required state it had sales in. Here are some other essentials for the job:

  • Must stay current with tax issues. They provide consulting to field offices regarding fixed asset purchase or disposition tax implications.
  • Provide interdepartmental tax consulting services regarding company purchases or dispositions. They work on special projects as requested by management.
  • Must have a solid foundation in accounting. A Bachelor's in accounting or finance is usually required. A CPA designation is preferred.
  • Must be detail oriented, have an analyzing mindset, have good communication skills-oral and written, enjoy helping others.



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